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Ministry Spotlight: Chosen Children Ministries

At the base of the Masaya volcano lies a ministry that is reaping a bountiful harvest. Many of the homes in this rural area are missing floors and running water. The 20% who have found employment are lucky to make $2/day. You can hear the grumbling of children’s hungry bellies and see the calluses on their young feet from walking barefoot on the dirt roads. But you can also smell meals being cooked for a crowd and taste the barrios’ desire to know God. Chosen Children Ministries is winning Nicaragua for the Lord.

What’s their mission?

Chosen Children Ministries’ mission is to partner with communities to break the chains of multi-generational physical, emotional, and spiritual poverty.

How do they accomplish this?

Church Planting: Building a church is a number one priority when Chosen Children Ministries begins working with a new barrio. These churches serve as the main hub for providing support to the community.

Mission Teams: Churches and businesses have the opportunity to come serve in Nicaragua. They take part in building homes, feeding communities, giving medical care, leading Bible studies, and building relationships.

Child Sponsorship: Each child sponsored receives an education, school supplies, access to Bible discipleship, water, and food for them and their families. Sponsors are able to correspond with the children and are encouraged to share their journeys with Christ.

Genesis Project: Growing a strong community is so key in helping these families out of the cycle of poverty. The Genesis Project consists of funding for school supplies, small business development, and agriculture and farming throughout the communities.

Why does this matter?

Providing for one’s physical needs is an easy segway to build relationships and give hope. In 1 Timothy 6:18, we are called to “ good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.” When we give our time and our resources to others, we learn how to be humble and content. What better place is there to learn these disciplines than at the foot of a mountain where so many are boldly proclaiming God’s goodness and are teaching and molding future generations?

How You Can Help:

  1. Sign your church, school or business up for a short-term mission trip.

  2. Sponsor a child.

  3. Start a fundraiser to build a house, a latrine, or a well.

Red Letter Society is so grateful for Chosen Children Ministries’ boldness in declaring the Gospel. Members of Red Letter Society sponsor children through this program and have brothers and sisters in Christ who have attended mission trips in Masaya. Hopefully Red Letter Society members will soon join them on the mission field in Nicaragua!

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Our mission is to cultivate a theologically sound society through empowering the local Church with Christ-centered teaching and worship. Will you partner with us?

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