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Ministry Spotlight: The Fix Ministry

You drive past me every day as I walk alongside the main stretch to your office with my tattered pack over my shoulder and my ragged dog’s leash in my hand. Do you see me? Do you know that I’m here? Do you wonder about my story, my heartaches, my struggles, my fears? Do you even care? It wasn’t always this way. I had a family and a job. I had friends. I had dreams and goals. And then it all fell apart. And no matter how hard I try to change my story and want to get my life back, it never pans out. I end up in this same wretched place, walking along this same asphalt road, every day losing a little more hope of anything ever changing.

The Fix Ministry sees the homeless community and they are working hard to put hope back into these men and women’s lives.

What’s their mission?

To provide comprehensive, long-term assistance to people from all walks of life with serious life controlling issues.

How do they accomplish this?

Residential Facility: Men enrolled in this program live at The Lodge for 12-18 months and follow a rigorous schedule. They attend Bible classes and work, receive vocational training, or volunteer every day. The goal is to have them accumulate skills that will help them continue a successful path once they have graduated from the residential program.

The Fix Lighthouse: Members of The Fix meet with their local homeless community twice a week in order to build relationships and to provide for their immediate needs.

Drug Awareness Outreach: The Fix Ministry has been invited to several conventions, summits, and even a local school to speak about the negative impact that drugs and alcohol can have on people’s lives.

Why does this matter?

Homelessness can feel like an impossible mountain to climb. While meeting the homeless community’s basic physical needs is important, The Fix Ministry knows that finding the root cause of someone’s homelessness creates a starting point in actually bringing them out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

How You Can Help:

  1. Visit The Fix Thrift store.

  2. Cook meals for The Fix’s various ministries.

  3. Provide vocational training opportunities.

  4. Donate bedding, clothing, toiletries, and vehicles.

  5. Give a monetary donation.

Members of Red Letter Society have had the opportunity to serve alongside The Fix Ministry in worship. Their faith and their love for others is so contagious! We cannot wait to see how God continues to use them and grow their ministry.

Looking for songs about God forgiving us in our worst moments?

Check out these songs from Red Letter Society:


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Our mission is to cultivate a theologically sound society through empowering the local Church with Christ-centered teaching and worship. Will you partner with us?

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